Fouad Whatsapp Latest Version Download APK 2022

Download Fouad Whatsapp Versi terkini

If you are looking for Fouad Whatsapp Latest Version Download APK 2022, then you will want to know some of its latest features and functions, as well as the download link for the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp. This chapter contains the latest download links for Fouad WhatsApp 2022, if you are interested in the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp, then you can download it directly by clicking on the download button below. If you are not interested but would like to know more about it, then you can continue reading this article and after learning about the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp, I am sure you will also be very interested in this Fouad mods.

Fouad Whatsapp Latest Version Download APK 2022

Fouad Whatsapp Latest Version Download APK 2022 Features

As mentioned above, the Fouad WhatsApp app has different features compared to the original WhatsApp. There are many additional features that are not available in the original version of WA. This is because the Fouad WhatsApp APK is an application that has been modified by third parties or unofficial developers. So in this application, the developer who made this application has added a new feature to the Fouad WhatsApp APK application that was not available in the original version.

Add images/videos to be downloaded and viewed

This is a feature that people have been waiting for. Amazingly, Fouad MODS has finally added it to the list of amazing features that come with the latest update to Fouad WA. With this feature you don't have to worry about your images or videos anymore. Once you send a video or upload a video or image, your family and friends can only view it once. With this feature, you can set up the image or video to be viewed once. The person views the image or video immediately and it will automatically disappear. The person will not be able to view or watch such videos again.

Added the option to change the colour of the online dots (FM Mods > Home > Lines)

The latest version of Fouad Whatsapp comes with the option to change the colour of the online dots to any colour of your choice. This feature is perfect for colour mixing. Those who like to design their Whatsapp to get a cool welcome look.

Large white space in hidden chat and archive chat fixed

For a long time I witnessed a big blank space in the hidden chat and archive chat. Well, thanks to the FM MODs team for updating Fouad Whatsapp to the latest version. At least, with the update, I can no longer experience such a large space, and neither can you.


For those who don't like their chats to be seen by others, you can use this feature. the security feature in the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp allows you to protect messages from being read by others. this feature is also available on YoWhatsApp.

The unique feature of this feature is that you can lock the message to a contact of your choice. So your chat chats will be secure without the fear of being snooped on by others.

Send multiple photos

On the original WhatsApp, you can only send 10 photos at a time. On Fouad Whatsapp, you can send up to 90 photos at a time. You can send up to 9 times more photos or pictures than on the original version.

Long video story length

In the original version, if you uploaded a story as a video, it was only 30 seconds long. Now, if on Fouad Whatsapp, video stories last longer, sending 7 minutes at a time. So if you want to upload a 4 minute video story, instead of cutting it into 8 parts, you only have to send it once.

Change the appearance of the home screen

The next advantage that exists in Fouad WhatsApp v9.29 is the home screen display that you can change. You can use more than 100 themes as you wish. To avoid boredom, you can change the theme once a week or even once a day. There are also many emoji or stickers available to make chatting even more exciting.

Hide typing status

This feature is perfect for those who don't want to tell others what you're doing on WA. On Fouad whatsapp you can hide the typing status when replying to a message. So the person you're chatting with won't know you're replying to a message, and the message will suddenly reach the recipient.

Hide online status

One thing that many people do when using WA is to remove the online status. The reason for this is that seen online statuses can sometimes be annoying or can cause arguments when you accidentally enter WA but don't want to reply to anyone's messages. You can use this feature to mask your online messages and vice versa, or you can use it to make it appear that you are online, even if you are offline.

Anti-delete messages

The anti-delete message feature is one of the things that gives you a sense of the difference between Fouad WhatsApp and the original WhatsApp. This feature helps you to keep track of messages that have been deleted by the sender. This feature was created by the Found Whatsapp developers so that the recipient can read the incoming messages in full.

Shortcuts feature

The next feature is a shortcut feature that makes it easier to chat. An example of this is the voice note shortcut feature. If on the original whatsapp you have to press and hold to record your voice, on Found Whatsapp you only have to press once. The trick is that once you touch the voice note shortcut, the app will automatically record the voice. To stop it, you just need to touch it again.


For those of you who are afraid of using the whatsapp mod because you are blocked, from now on you don't have to worry because there is an anti-ban function available on Fouad WhatsApp. This function is available on the latest version of Fouad Whatsapp, which you can download below.


These are all the features of Fouad Whatsapp latest version download APK 2022, if you still have questions about Fouad Whatsapp latest version download APK 2022, then you can go below and leave a comment. This briefly explains the features of the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp, if you want to be the first to know about Fouad WhatsApp updates, then consider bookmarking this blog site.

How to Hide or Unhide Chats with Contacts

Hi, dear friend, have you been troubled by this problem that when the new message content is displayed on the home screen, it is accidentally seen by others. When your mobile phone is taken by others, are you afraid that he or she will look at your chat history with your friends?

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How to Hide or Unhide Chats with Contacts

So have you ever wondered how to hide your chats with specific contacts? This blog will tell you how to hide or unhide chats using Fouad WhatsApp. There are only a few simple steps that you only need to flick your fingers to complete!

How to hide chats with contacts?

  • Firstly, open Fouad WhatsApp and return to the chat interface
  • Press and hold the contact until a “TICK” symbol appears under his or her avatar
  • Then tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select Hide Chat
  • Next, the system will ask you to set the A PIN CODE

  • After setting the PIN, the hidden interface is displayed. The contact you just selected is here
  • When returning to the original chat interface again, that contact no longer exists.
  • When he or she sends you a message, the system will not display the content of the message, just prompt you that you have received a new message.
  • The method to unhide the chat is similar to the above method.The difference is that you need to operate in the hidden chat interface

NOTE: No matter what kind of operation you perform, you can select multiple contacts to do.

After reading, did you operate it? Isn’t it very simple? If you haven’t done it yet, please try it now. Let this method protect your chats with your contacts.

How to Know if my YO WhatsApp is tracked or monitored by Someone?

If you are concerned that your YO WhatsApp is monitored, you can look out for these phone signs. These signs may help you to check if YO WhatsApp is monitored.

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How to Know if my YO WhatsApp is tracked or monitored by Someone?

1. Check YO WhatsApp notifications

You can turn on the YO WhatsApp system to see if it has sent you strange communications. If a hacker has monitored your account, they may be able to change some privacy and Settings on your account. Therefore, you must check to see if the system has sent you a message like changing data.

2. Checking YO WhatsApp conversations

Open your YO WhatsApp chat screen and scroll down to see if there are any unknown conversations. For example, if you have received unknown messages from strangers or sent messages to others without your knowledge. If so, there is a high probability that your account is being monitored.

3. Check the personal information

Hackers may try to change your personal information to use it for the purpose they want. Hence, you should better check your profile to see if anyone is tracking you. If there are any changes in your profile, you must take security measures to protect your account.